The Search

So here I am in what is suddenly October. OK, I admit, I’ve had a nice long break filled with travelling, visiting friends, and working on personal projects after a full year of hibernation in school.  And I’m ready for The (Job) Search. Of course, this is a bit of an emotional time. I find design to be much more connected to the old ego than in my previous career, and add to that the pressure of finding someone willing to pay you for those inspired brain moments. Ah, being human.

Though I am always open to freelance work (of course), for now I would prefer to land a regular gig, with a bit of freelance on the side, should I be so lucky. I feel there is so much I could learn from pros who have been there/done that for a while. (Although I’m maintaining my Lynda subscription!) So if anyone out there likes my work so far and has heard of any open positions, don’t forget to think of me! :)

By the way, I chose these photos of my cute niece on her 3rd birthday, reminding me to find joy in the little things. (Translation: concerts and vacations need to wait until, ironically, I’m a little busier.)

Thanks for reading!